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like?" asked the girl. "That is hard to tell," said the man thoughtfully. "You see, Oz is a Great Wizard, and can take wholesale fashion handbags
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say he looks like a bird; and some say he looks like an elephant; and some say he looks roger vivier 2013
like a cat. To others he roger vivier official
appears as a beautiful fairy, mcm purse
or a brownie, or in any other form that pleases him. But who the real Oz is, when he is in his own form, no living person can tell." "That is very strange," backpacks for kids
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in some way, to see him, or we shall have made our journey for nothing." "Why do you wish to see the terrible Oz?" asked the man. "I want him to give me some wholesale handbags
brains," said the Scarecrow eagerly. "Oh, Oz could do that easily enough," declared the man. "He has more brains than he needs." "And I want him to give me a heart," said the Tin Woodman. "That will not trouble him," continued the man, "for Oz has mcm bags
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hearts, of all sizes and shapes." "And I want him to give me courage," said the Cowardly Lion. "Oz keeps a roger vivier bag
great pot of courage in his Throne Room," said the man, "which he has covered with a golden plate, to keep it from running over. He will be roger vivier official
glad to give you some." "And roger vivier paris
I want him to send me roger vivier sandals
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back to Kansas," said Dorothy. "Where is Kansas?" asked the man, with surprise. "I don't know," replied Dorothy sorrowfully, "but it designer backpacks
is my home, and I'm sure it's somewhere." "Very likely. Well, Oz can do anything; so I suppose he will find Kansas for you. But first you must get to see him, and that will be a hard task; for the Great Wizard does not like to see replica mcm backpack
anyone, and he usually has his own way. But what do YOU want?" he continued, speaking to Toto. Toto only mcm backpack
wagged his tail; for, strange to say, he could not speak. The woman now called to womens backpacks
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gathered around the online eyeglasses
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meal. The Lion ate some of the cheap eyeglasses
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porridge, but did not care for it, saying it was made from oats and oats were food for horses, not for lions. The cheap mcm bags
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down beside her, while the Lion running sunglasses
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guarded the door of her room so she might roger vivier shoes
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not be disturbed. polaroid sunglasses
The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman stood up in a corner and kept quiet all night, although roger roger vivier online shop
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next morning, as soon as the sun was up, they started on their way, and soon saw a beautiful green glow in the sky just before them. "That must be the Emerald City," said Dorothy. As they walked on, the green glow became roger vivier shop online
brighter and brighter, and it seemed that at last they were nearing the end of their travels. Yet it was afternoon before they came to the great wall that surrounded the City. It was high and thick and of a bright green color. In front of them, and at the end of the road of yellow brick, was a discount designer handbags
big gate, all studded with emeralds that glittered so in the sun that even the painted eyes of the Scarecrow were roger vivier paris
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heard a silvery tinkle sound within. Then the big gate swung slowly open, and they all passed through and found themselves vivier roger
in a high arched room, the walls of which glistened with sports sunglasses
countless emeralds. Before them stood a little man about the same size as the Munchkins. He was clothed all in green, designer backpacks
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do you wish in the Emerald City?" "We came here to see the Great Oz," said Dorothy. The man was so surprised at this answer that he roger vivier bags
sat down to think it over. "It has been many years since anyone asked me to see Oz," he said, shaking his head in perplexity. "He is powerful and terrible, and if you come on an idle or foolish errand to bother the wise reflections of the Great Wizard, he might be angry and destroy you all in an instant." "But it is not a foolish errand, nor mcm black backpack
an idle one," replied the Scarecrow; "it is important. And we have been told that Oz is a good Wizard." "So he is," said the green man, "and he rules the Emerald City wisely and well. But to those who are not honest, or who approach him from curiosity, he is most terrible, and few have ever dared roger vivier
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face. I am the Guardian of the Gates, and since you demand to see the Great Oz I must take you to his Palace. But first you must put on the roger vivier sandals
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who live in the City must wear spectacles night and day. They are all locked on, for Oz so ordered it when the City was first built, and I have the only key that will unlock them." He opened the big box, and Dorothy saw that roger vivier heels
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fast with the key. Then the Guardian of the Gates put on his own glasses and told them he was ready to show them to the Palace. Taking a big golden key from a peg on the wall, he opened another gate, and they all followed him through the portal into the streets of the Emerald City. 11. The Wonderful roger vivier bag
City of Oz Even with eyes protected by roger vivier shoes
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dazzled by the best sunglasses for men
brilliancy of best sunglasses
the wonderful City. The streets were lined with beautiful houses all built of green marble and studded everywhere with sparkling emeralds. They roger vivier handbags
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pavement of the same green marble, and where the blocks were joined together were rows of emeralds, set closely, and glittering in mcm black backpack
the brightness of the sun. The window panes were of green glass; mcm backpacks
even the sky above the City had a green tint, and the rays of the sun were green. There were many people--men, women, cheap bags online
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mothers when they saw the Lion; but no one spoke to them. Many shops stood in the street, and Dorothy saw that everything in them was green. roger vivier pumps
Green candy and green pop corn were offered for sale, as well as green shoes, green hats, and green clothes of all sorts. At one place a man was selling green lemonade, and when wholesale bags
the children bought it Dorothy could see that they paid for it with green pennies. There seemed to be no horses nor animals of any kind; the men carried things around in little green carts, discount glasses
which they pushed before them. Everyone seemed happy and contented and prosperous. The Guardian of the Gates led them through the streets until they came to a big building, exactly in the middle of the City, which was roger vivier uk
the Palace of Oz, the Great Wizard. There was a soldier before the door, dressed in a green uniform and wearing a long green beard. "Here are strangers," said the Guardian of the Gates to him, "and they demand to see the Great Oz." "Step inside," answered the soldier, "and I will carry your message to him." roger vivier shop roger vivier 2013
So they passed through the Palace Gates and were led into a big room with a green carpet and mcm purse
lovely green furniture set with emeralds. The soldier made them all wipe their feet cheap designer sunglasses
upon a green mat before entering roger vivier online shop
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this room, and when they were seated he said politely: roger vivier sale
"Please make yourselves comfortable while I go to the door of the Throne eyeglasses online
Room and tell Oz you are here." They had to wait a long time before the soldier returned. roger vivier flats
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When, backpacks online shop
at last, he came back, Dorothy asked: handbags on sale
"Have you seen Oz?" "Oh, no," returned the soldier; "I have never seen him. But I spoke to him wholesale fashion handbags
as he sat behind his screen and gave him your wholesale bags
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message. He said he cheap bags online
will grant you an audience, if you so desire; but each one of you must enter his presence alone, and he will admit but one each day. Therefore, as you must remain in the Palace for several days, I will have you shown to rooms where you may black sunglasses
rest in comfort after your journey." "Thank you," replied the girl; "that is very kind of Oz." The soldier now blew upon a green whistle, and at once a young roger vivier boots
girl, dressed in a pretty green roger vivier shoes
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entered the room. She had lovely green hair and green eyes, and she bowed low before Dorothy as she said, "Follow me and I will show you your room." So Dorothy said good-bye to roger vivier bags
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friends except Toto, and vivier roger
taking the dog in roger vivier handbags
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her mcm backpack
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arms followed the green girl through seven passages and up three flights of stairs until they came to a room at roger vivier online
the front of the Palace. It was chaussures roger vivier
the sweetest little womens backpacks
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room in roger vivier shop online
the world, with a soft comfortable bed that had sheets backpacks online shop
of green silk and a green velvet counterpane. There was a tiny roger vivier official
fountain in the middle of the room, that shot a spray of green perfume into the air, to fall back into a beautifully carved green marble mcm backpack replica
basin. Beautiful green flowers stood in the windows, and there was a shelf with a row of little green books. When Dorothy had time to open these books she found them vivier roger
full of queer green pictures that made her laugh, they were so funny. In a wardrobe were many green dresses, wayfarer glasses
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and satin and velvet; and all of them fitted Dorothy exactly. "Make yourself perfectly at home," roger vivier 2013
said the mcm stark backpack
green girl, "and roger vivier online
if you wish for anything ring the bell. Oz will send for you tomorrow morning." She left Dorothy alone and went back to the others. These she also led to rooms, and each one of them found himself lodged in a very pleasant part of cute handbags
the Palace. Of course this politeness was wasted on the Scarecrow; for when he found himself alone in his room he stood stupidly in one spot, just within the doorway, to wait till morning. shoes roger vivier
It would not rest him to lie down, and he could not close his eyes; so he remained all night staring handbags for women
at a little spider which was weaving its web in a corner of the room, just mcm handbags for cheap
as if it were not one of the most wonderful rooms in the world. The Tin Woodman lay down on his bed from force of habit, for he remembered when he was made sunglasses backpacks for kids
of flesh; but not being able to sleep, he passed the night moving his joints up and down to make sure mcm handbags
they kept in good working roger vivier boots
order. The Lion would have preferred a bed of dried leaves in the forest, and did not like being shut up in a room; but he had too much sense to let this worry him, so he sprang upon the bed and rolled himself up like a cat and purred himself asleep in mcm backpack for sale
a minute. The next morning, after breakfast, the green maiden came shoes roger vivier
to fetch Dorothy, and she dressed her in one of the prettiest gowns, made of green brocaded satin. Dorothy put on a green silk apron cheap mcm bags
and tied a green ribbon around Toto's neck, and they started buy mcm backpack
for the Throne Room of the Great Oz. cheap mcm bags
First they came to a great hall in which were many ladies and gentlemen of the court, all dressed in rich costumes. These people had nothing to do but talk to each other, but they always came to wait outside the Throne Room every morning, although they were never permitted to see Oz. As Dorothy entered they looked at her curiously, and one of them whispered: "Are you really going to look upon the face of wholesale handbag
Oz the Terrible?" "Of course," mcm backpack for sale
answered mcm wallet
the girl, "if he will see me." "Oh, he will see you," said the soldier who had taken her message to the Wizard, "although he does not like to have people ask to see him. Indeed, at mcm bags
first he was angry and said I should send you back where you came from. Then he asked me what you looked like, and when I mentioned your silver shoes he mcm backpacks
was very mcm wallet
much mcm handbags
interested. At last I told him about the mark upon your forehead, and he decided mcm handbags for cheap
he would admit you to his presence." Just then a bell rang, and the green girl said to Dorothy, "That is the signal. You must go into the Throne Room alone." She opened a little door and Dorothy walked boldly through and found herself in a wonderful place. It was a big, round room mcm wallet
with a high arched roof, and the walls and ceiling and floor were covered with large emeralds set closely mcm black backpack
together. In the center of the roof was a great light, as bright as the sun, wholesale handbag
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which made the emeralds sparkle in a wonderful manner. But what interested Dorothy most was the big throne of green marble that stood in the middle of the room. It was shaped like a chair and sparkled with gems, as did everything buy sunglasses online
else. In the center of the chair was an enormous Head, without a body to support it or any arms or legs whatever. There was no hair upon this head, but it had eyes and a nose and mouth, and was much bigger than the head of the biggest giant. As Dorothy gazed upon this in wonder and fear, the eyes turned slowly and looked at her replica mcm backpack
sharply and steadily. Then the mouth moved, and Dorothy heard a voice say: "I backpacks for girls
am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you, and why do mcm handbags for cheap
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you seek me?" It was not such an awful voice as she had expected to come from the big Head; cheap bags online
so she took courage and cat eye sunglasses
answered: "I am Dorothy, the Small and Meek. I have come to you for help." The eyes looked at her thoughtfully for a full minute. Then said backpacks online shop
the voice: "Where did you get the silver shoes?" "I got them from the Wicked Witch of the East, when my house fell on her kids sunglasses
and replica mcm backpack
killed her," she replied. "Where did you sunglasses sale
get replica sunglasses
the mark upon your forehead?" continued the voice. "That is where the Good Witch of the North kissed me when she bade me good-bye and sent me to you," said the girl. Again the eyes looked at her mcm bag
sharply, and they saw she was telling the truth. Then Oz asked, "What do you wish me to do?" "Send me back to Kansas, where my Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are," she answered earnestly. "I don't like your mcm handbags
country, although it is so beautiful. And I am sure Aunt Em will be dreadfully worried over my being away so long." The eyes winked three times, and then they turned up to the ceiling and down to the floor and rolled around so queerly that they seemed to see every part of sunglasses uk
the room. And at last they looked at Dorothy again. "Why should I do sunglasses wholesale
this for you?" asked Oz. "Because you discount handbags
are strong and I am weak; because you are a Great Wizard and I am only a little girl." "But you were strong enough to kill the Wicked Witch of the East," said Oz. "That just happened," returned Dorothy simply; "I could not help it." "Well," said the Head, "I will give you my answer. You have no right to expect me to send you back to Kansas unless you do something for me in return. In this country everyone must pay for everything he gets. If you wish me to use my magic power to send you home again you must do something for me first. Help me and I will help you." "What must I do?" asked the girl. "Kill the Wicked Witch of the West," answered Oz. "But I cannot!" exclaimed Dorothy, greatly surprised. "You killed the Witch of the East and you wear the silver shoes, which bear a powerful charm. There is now but one Wicked Witch left in all this land, and when you can tell me she is dead I will send you back to Kansas--but not before." wholesale handbag
The little girl began to weep, she was so much disappointed; and the eyes winked again and looked upon her anxiously, as if the Great Oz felt that she designer backpacks
could help him if she would. "I never killed anything, willingly," she sobbed. "Even if I wanted to, how could I kill the Wicked Witch? If you, who are Great and Terrible, cannot kill her yourself, how do you expect me to do it?" "I do not know," said the Head; "but that is my answer, and until the Wicked Witch dies you will not see your uncle and aunt again. Remember that the Witch is Wicked--tremendously Wicked -and ought to be killed. Now go, and do not ask to see me again until you have mcm bags
done your task." Sorrowfully Dorothy left the Throne Room and went back where the Lion and the Scarecrow and the wholesale sunglasses
Tin Woodman were waiting to hear what Oz had said to her. "There is no hope for me," she said sadly, "for Oz will not send me home until I have killed the Wicked Witch of the West; and that I can never do." Her friends were sorry, but could do nothing to help her; so Dorothy went to her own room and lay down on the bed and cried herself to sleep. The next morning the soldier with the green whiskers came to the Scarecrow and said: "Come with me, for Oz has sent for you." So the Scarecrow followed him and was admitted into the great Throne Room, where he saw, sitting in the emerald throne, a most lovely Lady. She was dressed in green silk gauze and wore upon her flowing green locks a crown of jewels. Growing from her shoulders were wings, gorgeous in color and so light that they fluttered if the slightest breath of air reached them. When the Scarecrow had bowed, as prettily as his straw stuffing would let him, before this beautiful creature, she looked upon him sweetly, and said: "I am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you, and why do you seek me?" Now the Scarecrow, who had expected to see the great handbags for women
Head Dorothy had told him of, was much astonished; but he answered her bravely. "I am only a Scarecrow, stuffed with straw. Therefore I have no brains, and I come to you praying that you will put brains in my head instead of straw, so that I may become as much a man as any other in your dominions." "Why should I do this for you?" asked the Lady. "Because you are wise and powerful, and no one else can help me," answered the Scarecrow. "I never grant favors without some return," said Oz; "but this much I will promise. If you will kill for me the Wicked Witch of the West, I will bestow upon you a great many brains, and such good brains that you designer glasses
will be the wisest man in all the Land of Oz." "I thought you asked Dorothy to kill the Witch," said the Scarecrow, in surprise. "So wayfarer sunglasses
I did. I don't care who kills her. But until she is dead I will not grant your wish. Now go, and do not seek me again until you have earned the brains you so greatly desire." The Scarecrow went sorrowfully back to his friends and told them what Oz had said; and Dorothy was surprised to find that the Great Wizard was not a Head, as she had seen him, but a lovely Lady. "All the same," said the Scarecrow, "she needs a heart as much as the Tin Woodman." On the next morning the soldier with the green whiskers came to the Tin Woodman and said: "Oz has sent for you. Follow me." So the Tin Woodman followed him and came to the great Throne Room. He did not know whether he would find Oz a lovely Lady or a Head, but he hoped it would be the lovely Lady. "For," he said to himself, "if it is the head, I am sure I shall not be given a heart, since a head has no heart of its own and therefore cannot feel for me. But if it is the lovely Lady I shall beg hard for a heart, for all ladies are themselves said to be kindly hearted. But when the Woodman entered the great Throne Room he saw neither the Head nor the Lady, for Oz had taken the shape of a most terrible Beast. It was nearly as big as an elephant, and the green throne seemed hardly strong enough to hold its weight. The Beast had a head like that of a rhinoceros, only there were five eyes in its face. There were five long arms growing out of its body, and it also had five long, slim legs. Thick, woolly hair covered every part of it, and a more dreadful-looking monster could not be imagined. It was fortunate the Tin Woodman had no heart sunglasses for men
at that moment, for it would have beat loud and fast from terror. But being only tin, the Woodman was not at all afraid, although he was much disappointed. "I am Oz, the Great and Terrible," spoke the Beast, in a voice that was one great roar. "Who are you, and why do you seek me?" "I am a Woodman, and made of tin. Therefore I have no heart, round sunglasses
and cannot love. I pray you to give me a heart that I may be as other men are." "Why should I do this?" demanded the Beast. "Because I ask it, and you alone can grant my request," answered the Woodman. Oz gave a low growl at this, but said, gruffly: "If you indeed desire a heart, you must earn it." "How?" asked the Woodman. "Help Dorothy to kill the Wicked Witch of the West," replied the Beast. "When the Witch cool sunglasses
is dead, come to me, and I will then give you the biggest and kindest and most loving heart in all the Land of Oz." So the Tin Woodman was forced to return sorrowfully to his friends and tell them of the terrible Beast he had seen. They all wondered greatly at the many forms the Great Wizard could take upon himself, and the Lion said: "If he is a Beast when I go to see him, I shall roar my loudest, and so frighten him that he will grant all I ask. And if he is the lovely Lady, I shall pretend to spring upon her, and so compel her to do my bidding. And if he is the great Head, he will be at my mercy; for I will roll this head all about the r

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